Top patent facilitators in India – Startup India

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startup-patent facilitators-SIPP scheme

Since the Startup India campaign started and the Startup Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP) scheme has been launched, it is the best time to start a business in India and take advantage of various government schemes for eligible startups. Over 400 practitioners and a few government organizations have joined the bandwagon to provide trademark and patent facilitation services as part of … Read More

8 things to know before filing a Patent in India

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Filing a patent in India - The legal requirements

The life of every patent starts with the filing of a patent application. Whether you are planning to file a patent yourself or not, you should be aware of two important steps which should ideally be accomplished even before deciding to file a patent and going through the 3 to 5 years long process of getting a patent granted. The … Read More

Selecting a trademark for business – Best legal practices

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How to select a trademark for business - Best legal practices

“What’s in a name? That which we call rose by any other name would smell as sweet!” These words by Shakespeare fall flat today when it comes to the use of brand names for trade. Branding and promotional activities revolve around brand names. Therefore, they are as significant today for a business as its organizational structure or quality maintenance. Hence, … Read More

Patent, Trademark & Design reforms under Startup India

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Startup India 2016

The Indian government on 16th January, 2016 launched ‘Startup India’ campaign with a strong focus on promoting the awareness and adoption of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) by startups. The government wants to make it easy for innovative and creative startups to protect and leverage their Intellectual property both in India and abroad. As part of this initiative, the government hopes … Read More

Patent costs in India: Total patent fees

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Cost of getting a patent grant in india. Know patent fees for each and every step in the patent process.

Once you have figured out that Patents represent the correct form of Intellectual Property which you need to protect, two important questions need to be addressed: The order of these questions in your mind may vary but both of these questions are practically inter-related. Your patent costs will significantly depend if you select a patent firm / patent agent to … Read More