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We partner with only premier firms to ensure you work only with the best. Each premier firm has been chosen after thorough research and discussion to ensure you get superior quality every time.

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Whether you are searching for a big shot law firm or a medium & small sized firm, we ensure that you get matched with a firm which fits your quality and budgetary requirements.

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Requesting and receiving quotes from top law firms is a tedious and a time consuming process; sometimes taking days even for standard activities. We try our best to get the quotes to you quickly.

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'Traditional' way of searching for lawyers

  • You are looking for a high quality law firm or professional lawyers in your city in India.
  • Did you just search on Search engines for 'Top law firms in India' or something similar and are burdened with millions of options?
  • Did you rely on popular local listing websites who will list anyone who pays them money?
  • Did you ask a friend / relative (having no legal experience) for a recommendation?
  • Finally, are you are confused with so much information and don't know if you have found the right legal help or don't have trust worthy options?

Smart 'Zatalyst' way

If you said YES to one or more questions, then your research is apparently not working and your brain is definitely overloaded with information. You are now a prime candidate for free help from experts at Zatalyst.

The Zatalyst team is here to help you find the perfect law firm for you, which meets your service requirements and budgetary constraints.

Simply start by posting your requirement along with your contact information and we will call you back and help you get connected with premier law firms in India.

Zatalyst is a legal marketplace of premier law firms in India. We hand pick each law firm & legal professional to ensure that you receive only superior quality services from the best lawyers in the Industry. Don't waste time in finding quality law firms or lawyers. Use Zatalyst for your legal requirements and focus on building your business.

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Choose the legal service you need for your business. e.g. patents, trademarks, copyrights, business registration, etc.


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Connect to the law firm who matches your requirement and budget and experience top quality legal services.