Zatalyst ensures the safety and security of all User information stored on its servers. This Privacy Policy outlines Zatalyst’s use of all information obtained from the User. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) shall govern only information obtained from Users and shall not include any third party information.

All capitalised terms used throughout this Policy shall have the same meaning attributed to it in the Website’s Terms of Use.

This Policy shall outline the Website’s collection, use, storage and management of User information.

This Privacy Policy shall be with respect only to the Website, specifically and shall not cover any other sites having a link or advertisement on the Website. Any and all sites having a link or advertisement on the Website shall be governed by its own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Users are free to access and browse the Website, however, any User wishing to avail any of the Services offered are required to register himself/herself on the Website and create a User Account. The User shall be required to provide the Website with certain basic information including but not limited to name, age, gender, contact details, and address which are necessary for registration and account creation. All such information provided by the User at the time of registration and account creation are saved and stored in a secure manner on the Website’s server. Similarly, when Users make any transactions or payments on the Website, details of the same may also be stored on the Website’s servers.

Additionally, the Website also collects certain information by way of cookies. This is a method employed by a vast majority of websites wherein the cookies are stored on the User’s browser. Cookies are nothing more than small pieces of data stored by the Website on the User’s browser. The essential function of the cookie is to collect certain non-identifiable system information. Cookies collect information with regard to the User’s browsing session including but not limited to browsing history, system information, browser type and browsing patterns.

The User is free to determine whether cookies should be allowed or disabled. The User may disable cookies through his/her browser settings. However, disabling cookies might affect the overall functionality of the Website and may result in a lower performance. The Website shall not be responsible for any reduced functionality due to disabling cookies.

All of the aforementioned information shall be collected only on obtaining User consent. Users shall be required to consent to such collection and storage prior to availing any of the Services.

The Website collects only the minimum information required for rendering its Services. Users are also free to deny the Website permission to collect and store certain personal information. However, such denial may impede the rendering of the Services.

The Website may also collect the User’s location information. Since the Services provided by the Website are location specific, the Website shall also collect information related to the User’s current location. This is to provide Users with a Firm/Professional within such area or locality.


Information obtained from the User is used for the following purposes:

  • Account Creation and Verification

The Website shall require certain basic personal information pertaining to the User for the purposes of creating a User Account. The information obtained may also be used for the purposes of verifying the identity of the User. Certain basic information may also be displayed on the User’s profile. The User is free to determine what information may be viewed by third parties and what information shall remain concealed.

  • Providing Services

The primary reason for collecting User information is to provide the User with the required services. The Website shall provide the User with a list of Firms and Professionals based on the information provided by the User.

  • Communication

The User’s contact details shall be used by the Website to send frequent communication regarding the Services, any changes to the Website, the Services or to the Website’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Website may also send communication regarding newly registered Firms and Professionals, newly introduced Service Areas or with regard to any new features or services offered. By access the Website or by availing the Services, Users hereby consent to receive frequent communication from the Website.

  • Improvements

Another important use of the information collected is to improve the nature and quality of the Services provided by the Website. The Website strives to constantly improve its features and functionality based on User interaction and use. The information is also used to provide the User with relevant ads, offers and services.


The Website does not sell, trade or divulge any User information unless with the consent of the User. However the Website may disclose the User information in certain circumstances.

The Website may disclose the User information to its employees, directors, agents, officers, representatives, associates and service providers so as to render the Services for the User. All such disclosure shall be made on an ‘as is’ basis and any person seeking access to the same shall be required to obtain necessary authorisation.

The Website may also disclose certain information to the various Firms and Professionals listed on the Website. This shall be for the purposes of rendering the Services.

Additionally the Website shall also disclose certain information in compliance with any applicable laws or based on an order or direction received from any governmental authority or any court having competent jurisdiction.

In the event of a merger or acquisition by or of the Website, the Website may disclose certain User information with the merged or acquired entity.

By posting, publishing, distributing, making public, transmitting any information or content anywhere on the Website, the User grants in favour of the Website a worldwide, royalty free, irrevocable, perpetual license to use, copy, distribute, modify and make public the same.

The User hereby accepts and agrees to the above mentioned disclosures by the Website.


The Website adopts all industrial standard methods in ensuring the safety and security of the information stored on the Website’s servers. The Website shall disclose information only in accordance with the terms mentioned herein.

The Website shall, as is reasonable, protect all information stored on its servers from loss, destruction, theft, alteration and misuse. However, none of the measures adopted by the Website may prove sufficient in preventing any loss, destruction, theft, alteration and misuse of the information and the Users hereby agree and accept the same.

Users shall be solely responsible for maintaining the safety and security of their respective User Accounts. All Users are advised to use strong passwords while creating an account and to refrain from disclosing any of their account details.

However, the Company shall have no duty of confidentiality over any of the following information:

  • Any third party information
  • Any information already available to the public
  • Any information made known to the Website prior to the User accessing the Website or availing the Services
  • Any information made public due to no fault of the Website

The Website may have various links and advertisements present at various places. All such links and advertisements are owned by third party websites. Any User accessing any of the links or advertisements present on the Website shall be doing so at their sole risk. All links and advertisements present on the Website may have a terms of use and privacy policy different from that of the Website and Users are advised to read through the same prior to entering any third party site or following any link or advertisement.

The Website shall not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the User due to such links or advertisements.


Users are requested to keep all information stored on the Website’s server correct, accurate and up to date. The Website shall, subject to certain limitations, grant to the User a right to access and update or change any or all of the information stored on its servers.

However, the Website may, in its own discretion, deny access to any User in the event that the access to such information may compromise the safety and security of the information stored on the server or in the event that the cost of updating, changing or removing any information outweighs the need for the same.


The Website may change, alter or remove any portion or the entire Policy at any time. No notice shall be provided prior to altering or removing this Policy. Once any revisions are made, the revised version of this Policy shall be made available on the Website. User’s continued use of the Website or the Services after any revisions shall indicate such User’s acceptance of the revised Policy.


Any User requiring any clarification with regard to this Policy or having any grievances may contact the appropriate Website personnel at [email protected].