Trademark Tango

Enter the Trademark Tango contest and lucky entries every month stand to win a free trademark filing in India. Also, other lucky winners will get ₹500 discount vouchers.*

Lucky draw on 1st of every month.

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How to participate

Quote by Blaise Pascal - It is the contest that delights us, and not the victory.

Step 1 (Submit your trademark details) – Fill and submit the form provided below to complete your contest registration. Registration takes only a few minutes. Hurry and register now!

Step 2 (Lucky winners are selected) – Our team will randomly select the winners by a lucky draw and inform the winners by email or phone.


Fill the form provided below to register. Registration takes only a few minutes. If you are facing any technical difficulties, click here to view the form.

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In case you have any questions or face any difficulty, please write to us at [email protected] for help.

Participating firms

Prizes are co-sponsored by the following participating firms in India. To become a participating firm, click here to register.

BananaIP Counsels
Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP attorneys
Ediplis Counsels
Chadha & Chadha IP attorneys


Main prize – 2 lucky entries will each win a complete waiver on the professional fee for filing a trademark in India.

Secondary prizes – 8 additional lucky winners will win a ₹500 voucher redeemable for trademark filing in India.


The contest is open to any individual, startup, SME or any other company or organization. Practically anyone in India can participate and win free trademark filing in India.


The primary objective of the Trademark Tango contest is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting your trademark. We strongly believe that choosing a trademark is a very important step which every organization goes through and it is equally important to ensure that you take appropriate steps to protect it.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You should be a bona fide owner of the trademark at the time of submission of your entry in the contest.
  2. The winning prize includes a 100% waiver on the professional fee for filing 1 trademark application in 1 class in India only. Any government fee, stamp fee, payment processing fee, or professional fee for additional actions like examination report reply, attending hearings, oppositions, filing assignments etc. are not within the scope of the prize.
  3. All secondary prizes of ₹500 voucher can be redeemed against professional fee only.
  4. Once the winner is announced, you get a maximum period of 1 month to provide all details to the participating firm to ensure that your trademark application is filed within said 1-month timeline. In case the necessary details are not provided within said time, you understand that your contest price will be considered forfeited.
  5. You understand that all trademark application related formalities will be performed by a participating law firm and Zatalyst will only connect you with the participating law firm for trademark application preparation and filing.
  6. Zatalyst will not be liable for any interaction between you and the participating law firm.
  7. The decision of Zatalyst will be final and binding on all participants, including the choosing of the winners.
  8. Zatalyst reserves the right to deny honouring the offer on the grounds of suspicion or abuse of the offer by any customer without providing customer any explanation thereof.
  9. Zatalyst reserves the right to cancel / change / modify / add / delete any of the terms and conditions of the offer at any time without notice.
  10. The terms and conditions and privacy policy of Zatalyst are incorporated by reference.
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We strongly advice only those organizations who are using their trademark in business to participate in the contest. If you are planning to start a company and have a trademark which you intend to use in business, we would recommend not to participate at the moment to avoid an instance of your trademark being copied by anyone else.